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New Dorp, Staten Island Neighborhood 10306

By rbrown | September 2, 2020

New Dorp is a large neighborhood located on the East Shore in Staten Island Expressway.  As per WIKIPEDIA ™, the area was founded in 1671 following the English resurveying the pre-existing Dutch settlement of Oude Dorp (now Old Town) and expanded the lots along the South Shore, which were then settled primarily by Dutch families.  … Read more

Emerson Hill, Staten Island Neighborhood 10304

By rbrown | August 19, 2020

Emerson Hill is a small hillside neighborhood right along the Staten Island Expressway. There are several beautiful estates and mansions in this section of Staten Island. As per WIKIPEDIA ™, the area named for Judge William Emerson, who was the oldest brother of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who lived with his wife, Susan, and children, William, … Read more

Meiers Corners, Staten Island Neighborhood 10314

By rbrown | May 24, 2020

Meiers Corners is an interesting area that is often confused as other neighborhoods such as Westerleigh or even Willowbrook. I have been guilty of the latter. As per WIKIPEDIA ™, the area is named for a prominent 19th Century Dutch resident named Joachim Meier, who lived at the Martling-Cozine house. This was one of the oldest … Read more

The Right Way to Buy A House In 2019

By rbrown | December 24, 2018

The market for 2019 is looking a little bit better for buyers.  There are more properties for sale which means slightly less competition.  The demand to relocate from Queens & Brooklyn, to Staten Island, has not not died down. The demand to relocate to New Jersey has also not died down.  Properties are sitting a … Read more