"Finding a Realtor to Sell Your Home can be a difficult task." Interstate Home Properties helps its clients transition from the Empire State to the Garden State.


Commercial real estate gives investors a significant return over time.  Multi-family apartment buildings, strip malls, hotels, gas stations & free-standing sites provide investors an excellent opportunity to defer taxation, depreciate property for greater returns during ownership or even provide a good nest egg for those looking for tangible assets.  Industrial and manufacturing properties also offer investment opportunities; however, there are limitations for usage.


Selling your home can be an emotional and stressful process.  Between setting the right starting price, the timing, details in the listing, photographs, coordinating the sale with the buying side, which includes finding a QUALIFIED buyer, inspections, appraisals, and numerous parties involved, it can all be overwhelming.  Hiring a Realtor places all the responsibility on their shoulders.  It is OUR responsibility to guide you effectively and get you to the finish line.


We, the Realtors, are a great tool when buying a home.  There is a stigma that is going directly to the listing agent will save you $$$ however, that is false.  The seller is always going to want what they want.  Whether or not you have all cash, large down payment, or no sales contingencies will be your most significant leverage.  Having the right buyer's agent is also very important.  We will submit your offer and all the necessary documents, coordinate inspections, appraisals & repairs.  Having a Buyer's Agent is a HUGE advantage!